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RedDeerGames, portfolio company of PMPG Polskie Media S.A. with a growing offer for video game fans.

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Great "Under Leaves" since yesterday on Nintendo Switch!

Official premiere on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S on March 5 this year, but pre-sale starts today!

This time RedDeerGames, the global publisher of the game "Under Leaves", in cooperation with Circus Atos, will take players for a relaxing trip around the world to connect them with nature and to spend time talking to the animals in a wonderful hand-painted setting.

“Under Leaves” is a colorful hidden object game from the animal world. Beautiful hand-drawn watercolors and a soothing soundscape create a delicately exotic experience. The game runs through nine different locations around the world. During their journey, players will find themselves in the land of ice, steamy jungle, and even dive underwater. All nature lovers will be charmed by twenty-nine animated animals from around the world: a polar bear, a large-eyed owl, a turtle, or a parrot that needs help.

The most important features of the game are:

  • calm music and relaxing gameplay,
  • amazing graphic style, with delightful with details and colors - already noticed by the industry media,
  • nine different locations around the world,
  • twenty-nine animated animals to discover.

The relaxing and text-free game "Under Leaves" is available for everyone on the following platforms:





discount for start

nitendo switch


great presale results

under leaves at nintendo eshop


xboxone | xbox series x | s



under leaves at xbox shop


More about „Under Leaves”:


RedDeerGames (RDG) is an independent development studio, present on the gaming market only from the fourth Q4 2018. The company is a producer and publisher of low-budget and high-margin proprietary games and titles from other manufacturers sold worldwide in the digital distribution model, via dedicated platforms, in particular STEAM, Nintendo eShop, and Microsoft Store, which are the largest game distributors and applications in the world.

By combining a team's competencies consisting of passionate designers, artists, musicians, programmers, and producers, RDG creates fun and addictive casual games. From September 2019, the company released several interesting game titles, including noticed during Poznań Game Arena 2019 and awarded for game design „Cyber Protocol”. The studio's portfolio also includes „Nirvana Pilot Yume”, „OMG Police”, „Clumsy Rush”, „Art Sqool”,„Brawl Chess Gambit”, "Clumsy Rush X Astro Bears Spinoff", whose total sales on gaming platforms have so far exceeded 200,000 units. Portfolio of all RedDeerGames games available HERE.

Circus Atos

Circus Atos is a small, independent game studio based in Prague. They passionately create authentic and imaginative games such as Ahoooj or LittleMousesEncyclopedia.

PMPG Polskie Media

A holding company operating in the traditional and new media market. The Group includes, among others: Wprost Publishing and Advertising Agency, publisher of the weekly "Wprost" and the Orle Pióro company, publisher of the weekly "Do Rzeczy" and the "Historia Do Rzeczy" magazine. Current information about the PMPG Capital Group's activities can be found on the company's website and its profiles on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.


Bieżące informacje ze spółki spółki PMPG Polskie Media SA (GPW: PMPG) na oraz na profilach w serwisach Twitter: i Facebook:


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