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The company, from the investment portfolio of PMPG Polskie Media S.A., has announced two more games from its publishing portfolio - "The Last Survey" and "Circa Infinity".

The business obtained a license to release "The Last Survey" from artist and producer Nicholas O'Brien, while in the instance of "Circa Infinity," it was created in cooperation with Kenny Sun, an independent game developer. Both games will be released later this year on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

The Last Survey

This narrative essay deals with the human concept of making decisions, which is put to the test in the setting of a global mining corporation. The issue concerns the world's growing dependency on more and more non-renewable resources.

Players assume the role of a geologist researching a speculative future in which minerals are in short supply to meet the rising demand for electric cars, high-performance fuel cells, solar panel manufacturing, and some components used in the manufacture of computers, electronics, and optical devices.

Nicholas O'Brien, the game's designer, masterfully blends a story that critiques modern society with an interesting art style based on graphite and charcoal. All of this is complemented by the dynamic soundtrack from Lewis Kopenhafer, which heightens the intensity. Everything in this game is well-balanced and collectively forms a unified whole.

The trailer is available on YouTube 

Press materials available for download HERE. Visit the game's Twitter account, official Facebook page, official Discord server, and website to learn more about "The Last Survey."

Circa Infinity

A brain-melting circular platformer by Kenny Sun, with a pulse-pounding soundtrack by Jack + Jim Fay. The award-winning game in the Big Festival's Best Gameplay category and the Independent Games Festival's Best Student Game category, among others.

Platformers have oversaturated the indie games market, but only a handful of titles have done something truly unique in this genre. Circa Infinity is one of those games where the creator chose to forego standard mechanics in favor of inventing his own.

The dynamic game takes place on recurrent, concentric rings of alternating colors, where you encounter a host of enemies who pose a multitude of challenges. For fans, the mesmerizing graphics are a blend of chaos and pleasure, causing the player's heart to race faster than the action. Great level design and visuals keep the game fresh from beginning to end.

The trailer is available on YouTube

Press materials available for download HERE. Visit the game's Twitter account, official Facebookpage, official Discord server, and website to learn more about "Circa Infinity."

Nicholas O'Brien

An artist and researcher from Brooklyn who does essays in the form of video games, digital animations, and sound installations. He has been making experimental media and moving image art for over a decade. His whole body of work focuses on social or global issues. Nicholas's game the Last Survey was complemented by a series of experimental live performances in which the audience voted on which dialogue option to select, and the group Big Dog Little Dog delivered a live concert.

Lewis Kopenhafer

Lewis is a multi-instrumentalist living in Los Angeles. His music is available to listen to on Spotify

Kenny Sun

A talented artist, indie game designer, and photographer. Creating dynamic games is his passion. He graduated from New York University with a major in game design. Kenny's latest games include Tender Creature Comforts, A Hollow Doorway, and Peak's Edge. (RDG) is an independent development studio, present on the game market only since the fourth quarter of 2018. The company is a developer, as well as a publisher of indie games of its own and third-party titles sold worldwide in the digital distribution model, through dedicated platforms, in particular the Nintendo eShop, the Microsoft Store, and STEAM, which are the largest distributors of games and applications in the world.

Combining the expertise of a team of passionate designers, artists, musicians, programmers, and producers, RDG creates fun and engaging games of casual character. As of September 2019, the company has released several exciting game titles, including “Cyber Protocol” – recognized at Poznań Game Arena 2019 and awarded for game design. The studio's portfolio also includes „Nirvana Pilot Yume”, „OMG Police”, „Clumsy Rush”, „Art Sqool”, „Brawl Chess Gambit”, "Clumsy Rush X Astro Bears Spinoff” „Under Leaves” and „Little Mouse's Encyclopedia”, with total sales of over 350,000 units on gaming platforms so far. The portfolio of all is available: HERE

Recent communications of the company:

PMPG Polskie Media S.A.

PMPG Polskie Media S.A. (GPW: PMPG) is a holding company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange that invests in the media sector. The Capital Group includes, among others: Agencja Wydawniczo-Reklamowa Wprost, publisher of the weekly "", and Orle Pióro, publisher of the weekly "Do Rzeczy" and the magazine "Historia Do Rzeczy".

PMPG Polskie Media S.A. is strongly involved in the process of digital transformation. In cooperation with international partners Quadtalent Europe Limited (a subsidiary of Quadtalent Technology) and North Summit Capital GP Limited, it intends to accelerate the digital transformation of the Capital Group, as well as to create innovative business models and technology platforms based on artificial intelligence, which will result in building a unique and sustainable competitive advantage in Europe.


Investor Relations Team sp. z o.o.




Current information about the activities of the PMPG Polskie Media SA (GPW: PMPG) can be found on the company's website, as well as on its profiles on social networks Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

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