01.03.2021, 10:50, PMPG POLSKIE MEDIA S.A.

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    Ninja CTO wanted! [ENG.]

    We are an independent media company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. For years, we have been defining the media sector, breaking stereotypes, and introducing innovations. In our media, we respect different points of view, striving to separate facts from opinions.
Chief Technology Officer
We are looking for a Chief Technology Officer who will provide solid technical leadership for a project that will shake up the media sector and accelerate its technological development. Strategic thinking and strong entrepreneurship are crucial in this role.
If we are looking for you, we expect you to be well-versed in current technology trends and familiar with various business concepts.
Join us and lead our IT team: career(at)pmpg.pl
PMPG Polskie Media 
A holding company operating in the traditional and new media market. The Group includes, among others: Wprost Publishing and Advertising Agency, publisher of the weekly "Wprost" and the Orle Pióro company, publisher of the weekly "Do Rzeczy" and the "Historia Do Rzeczy" magazine. Current information about the PMPG Capital Group's activities can be found on the company's website and its profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.